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Nicolle Foster from Natural Habitat Interiors & Designs

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Nicolle Foster from Natural Habitat Interiors & Designs

March 20,2017 Seashells Park Beach 0 comments

Nicolle Foster from Natural Habitat Interiors & Design offers her insight into the luxury apartments of Seashells.

Nicolle, how did your business come to be involved in the Seashells development?

Over the past two decades we’ve played an active role in the aesthetics of the region’s residential and commercial projects. Natural Habitat has been engaged in many successful projects and we’ve seen the region experience major capital expenditure and significant advances in infrastructure. As a long term local and principal of the practice, I have an inherent understanding of the demographics and dynamics of the region. All of these elements resulted in our company being selected as the interior designers of choice for this landmark site which we’re thrilled about.

Seashells Park Beach Pool Area

What are some of the other projects you’ve been involved with in Coffs Harbour?

Being a regionally based practice, our service needs to cross over into various design disciplines. Examples of commercial commissions include the Health Campus, University, Specialist Medical Centre, Coffs Central Shopping Centre and many hospitality venues. From a residential perspective, extensive experience has resulted in a strong client base being expanded by word-of-mouth referral.

Do you have a signature style?

Whilst trends can by nature, become repetitive, we go to great lengths to try and avoid products and themes being reproduced in different projects. That said, we’re often asked if we’ve had a hand in a particular project as it looks to have had our influence. Clients also specifically request ‘the Natural Habitat touch’ which is lovely.

What has influenced you in determining the tones, colours and textures of Seashells?

The external finishes of the building have been selected to stand the test of time with the general scheme having a base of coastal whites and sophisticated charcoal with specific focus on textures to soften what is a large scale building. There are three different interior colour schemes from which to choose, all of which are neutral with various tones reflected in the scheme names ie: White Pippi is casual, light and airy, Oyster Shell picks up elegant greige tones of driftwood and Black Pearl is a richer, more sophisticated palette.

Seashells Interior

What current industry trends will be evident in the apartments of Seashells?

We’ve featured textural elements such as stone, timber and metallic finishes externally and internally that produce a balanced and contemporary organic base. The apartments have been designed to appeal to a wide demographic and our aim was to have a selection of finishes that have broad appeal.

For those interested in buying one of the four Penthouses or two Sky Homes, how will their involvement with you differ?

These particular residences will be tailored to suit the purchaser’s individual needs and tastes. The Penthouses and Sky Homes are unique and exclusive properties that deserve specialised attention. We look forward to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable design experience for the purchaser of each property.

What excites you most about this project?

Apart from the fabulous location, the attention to detail that has gone into the planning plus the standard of finishes for this type of project are exceptional. The developer has a major interest in the local community and has put a strong emphasis on producing a building that does justice to the site and the town.

Nicolle, if you could personally choose, would it be a Penthouse or a Sky Home?

I honestly couldn’t choose one over the other and would very happily live in any of these fantastic apartments. Each one offers a slightly different view and the layouts vary slightly too. They all provide a standard of living that surpasses any other high rise apartment in the area.

View from Penthouse 4